How to Start A Blog in India 2020 (Under 10 Minutes)

Hello, Do you want to know how to start a blog in India 2020.
If yes, you have made the right decision, because it is very easy to start blogging in 2020.

Today I will tell you how to start a blog in India 2020 with step by step.

Friends, blogging is a career in which you are your boss and along with it you can earn a lot of money.
So if you have thought about investing in blogging then you have made the right decision.
So let’s not spend much time knowing how to start a blog in India 2020.

Here you will know how to make a blog. In just 12 steps.

Step-1. Choose a Niche for Your Blog
Step-2. Select the Best blogging platform ( I recommend )
Step-3. Find a domain name For Your Blog
Step-4. Choose a web hosting for your blog ( I recommend Siteground Shared Hosting )
Step-5. Configure your blog WordPress Blog (Tutorial is given below)
Step-6. Customize your design of the WordPress blog
Step-7. Install the best 10+ WordPress plugins
Step-8. Install Google Analytics of the wordpress Blog
Step-9. How to Submit Your Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools
Step-10. Write Content and Publish Your First Blog Post
Step-11. Promote Your Blog
Step-12. Monetize your blog

Time to set up a blog: 20-30 minutes
Time to customize a blog: 1-2 hours Guide
difficulty: Beginners

1. Choose Niche For Blog

Choose Niche For Blog

Always choose the blog Niche carefully. Never choose Niche on your blog after seeing Niche of another.

The first step is to choose Niche for your blog. Niche is the most important thing of a blog, how much traffic will be on your website, it depends to a large extent on which Niche you are making a blog.

If we make a blog on a Niche whose Monthly Traffic is not very high or its CPC is not very high, then we will get less traffic and will also earn less.

So while choosing Niche, take special care that Niche choose the one in which you like to write. Along with that there is a lot of traffic.

I would like to tell you about some Evergreen Niche here. Such as Blogging, Insurance Tech, Travel, Food.

2. Choose a Blogging Platform

Choose a Blogging Platform

You have chosen your Niche, now you need a platform where you can do blogging.

When you are getting into the field of blogging, you need to know that there are many platforms that give us free service for blogging.

At the same time, there are some similar platforms in which we have to invest money, after that we can use that service. Here I will tell you about some Blogging Platform, which are used by people.

Blogging Platform Ratio

✅ is a free blogging platform, in which no charge is made for creating a blog. No matter how much BLOG you start in Blogger, all of them are not charged.

In the same 10-15 minutes, you can start a new blog by creating it. But no plugins are provided in Blogger, in addition there are not too many options of Themes.

✅ is a free blogging platform of WordPress in which you can create a blog for free.

But it is not like a blogger. You cannot find the facility of monetization on the blog created in

It has very few options that can make your blog good.

✅ Gator

Gator is also a blogging platform along with it also provides hosting facilities. Gator has been launched through HostGator.

✅ Tumblr

Tumblr is a micro blogging platform based in the US. On this platform many creators create very good content by creating their own blog for free.

If you want, you can make a blog public in it, through which other bloggers can also read your blog or you can also keep it private.

✅ Medium

Is an online publishing platform that was launched in 2012.

✅ Wix is an Israeli company that facilitates the creation of a Cloud Based website. It allows you to create html5 and mobile sites.

✅ Ghost

Ghost is a free and open source blogging platform that allows us to create blogs for free. We get it under MIT license.


Nowadays this platform is the first choice of Bloggers. The reason behind this is that it is very user friendly. To create a blog in, you need to take a domain name as well as hosting.

3. Choose a Good Domain Name For Blog

Choose a Good Domain Name For Blog

Choosing a good domain name is considered a challenge. But here I am telling you some easy tips through which you can choose a very good and Seo Friendly Domain Name.

If you want to buy a domain from a good company, Click Here

✅ Use Keyword

Often made your Domain Name so that it contains your Keyword. Because of which it will be easy to rank your domain in Google. Traffic will be good with this

✅ Do not place any digits in the Domain Name.

Never place any number in the Domain Name. Because if you keep the number, it will be difficult to remember your domain name.

✅ Use TLD extension

Always use top level domain extensions in the domain. Like .com is a domain extension that brings traffic from all over the world.

On the other hand, if you are creating a website by targeting a particular country, then you can use the domain extension of that country.

✅ Hobbies & passions

Take special care of Passion while choosing Domain Name. If you choose your domain name according to your Hobby and Passion, then there is a high chance that your blog will become a successful blog.

If you want to get a good TLD domain for your blog, then you can buy it by entering the name in the box below that you will get from the Best Domain Provider Company. In which your domain will have Fully Security.

4. Choose a Web Hosting

Choose a Best Web Hosting

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SiteGround Startup 70% Off Web Hosting

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You have to choose a good hosting service. Hosting service can contribute a lot to the success of your blog. Because hosting is the one that handles the traffic of your blog.

If your hosting service is good, then your blog traffic will be able to easily access your blog.

Here I would recommend taking Web Hosting of Siteground. In Siteground Web Hosting you can buy this way.

If you purchase a Startup Plan from Sitegorund now for 1year, then like Gobeens, you will get any product within 500 rupees for free.

If you want to checkout this Deal, then follow the steps given below properly.

1⃣ Visit Siteground’s website

First of all you have to visit the Siteground website.

2⃣ Choosing the Best Hosting Plan (If you are starting, then I will recommend you Startup plan)

Choosing the best hosting plan for your website can be a bit challenging, but here I would suggest that you choose a Startup Plan.

Best Web Hosting for Startup

You will get this plan at a charge of $ 3.95 / month which will allow you to start only one website. Also will handle 10,000 visitors of the month.

3⃣ Select a Domain Name

Select a Domain Name

After this, you can choose a domain name of your choice. If you want, you can create a new domain name for free. If you already have a purchased domain name, you can also use it.

4⃣ Fill Account Details

You will be asked some information to create an account. Fill them in correctly. If entered incorrectly, you will not be able to access your account.

5⃣ Create a New Password

Create a new password to login to the account. As seen in the image below

6⃣ Fill Payment Details

After this you have to fill Account Details. Which will make your payment.

Select Best Server

✍ Note : Here you can select the server according to your region, like if you are in Asia, then you select Asia Server. And if you are from USA, then you select USA Server. Along with this, there are many Surrey and Servers here, which you can select according to your country.

✍ Note : After selecting the server, you will see the option of the period below, in which you can select the duration of 12 months, 24 months, 36 months.
You choose according to your budget, I recommend you 12 months

✍ Note : If you want, you can add SG Site Scanner to your plan, although it is not so important, but it will protect your site after security, so that you will avoid situations like attack.
Do not select it if you do not want it

After all the steps are completed, you have to click on Simply Pay Now and then you have successfully purchased this hosting.

And now you use it comfortably and enjoy

Finally bought the domain and also bought the hosting. Now you have to connect the domain and hosting to each other through the nameserver, so let’s know about it.

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5. Connect Domain to Hosting Via NameServer

1. I have purchased the domain from Godaddy and now I open the Admin Panel.

2. After clicking on DNS, you have to do Page Scroll and click on the option on the box with Nameserver.

3. After filling the Nameserver, you have to click on Save and your domain and Hosting are successfully connected.

4. Now you can Install WordPress on your domain, for which you have to follow the steps given below.

6 . Installing Your WordPress Blog

Installing WordPress is not a very difficult task. You can easily live the wordpress website by just adopting a few methods.

1⃣ Protocol: In the protocol, you have to select HTTPS which will make your site secure and Ranking will also boost.

2⃣ Choose the Domain: You do not have to select anything in this field because your primary domain will be already selected here.

3⃣ Directory: Leave it empty.

4⃣Site Name: In this field, you have to enter your site name and Tagline.

5⃣ Site Description: In this field you have to tell about your blog, in which short description is called, which should be short.

6⃣ Admin Username: Now you have to create Username and Password so that you will login to your site.

7⃣ Admin Email: Now you have to enter the email you want to use here.(You can change it later too).

8⃣ Language: Set as it is (English recommended).

9⃣ Install: Finally, complete the installation by hitting the “Install” button.

1⃣ For this, you have to login to your hosting. After that you have to go to cPanel.

2⃣ You have been given many platforms below with which you can create a website, but the best platform is WordPress itself.

3⃣ After this, a form will be opened in front of you, in which you have to fill the Detail of your site as shown in the image below.

Install WordPress on Siteground Hosting

4⃣ Now simply click on Install

5⃣ Now you will get to see a wizard here in which you have to install Themes, Plugin, if you want to do them later, then simply click on Continue and go ahead.

6⃣ You have to login your WordPress with Email and Password and enter it in Dashboard

6. Customize your WordPress blog’s design

After installing the website, your next task is to give the website a great look. For which you have to install on a good theme website.

Here I have told how to install Astra Theme on your WordPress website.

1⃣ First Click on Appearance

2⃣ Click on Themes.

3⃣ Click on Add New.

4⃣ Search Astra in Search Bar.

5⃣ Now you have to click on Install here.

6⃣ Now the Astra Theme has been successfully installed on your site, so now we proceed to the next steps.

7. Install Some Best Plugins On Your WordPress Blog

Plugins are the most special feature of the platform. With the help of plugins you can make many things in your website very easy. Some plugins that should be in your website are as follows.

✅ Jetpack

Jetpack Plugin is available for both free and Paid in WordPress. With the help of this plugin you can know the number of visitors to your website.

Along with this, this Plugin also helps in securing and optimizing our website.

If the website server is down, we are notified by sending an email through this plugin.

✅ Elementor

With the help of Elementor Plugin, you can design your website page according to your mind.

We have also designed Gobeens Site with the help of Elementor Pro Plugin and with the help of this plugin you can design your site as you want, which is done by Drag and Drop.

✅ WP Rocket

With the help of WP Rocket Plugin, you can increase the loading speed of your website. Because of which your website can perform well.

WP Rocket Boosts the performance of your site, speed increases because it minimizes Unnecessary Material from your site.

WP Rocket is being used on FirstBloggingSite, you can also try it.

✅ Rank Math SEO

With the help of Rank Math SEO Plugins you can optimize your blog Seo, through which you can get Organic Traffic from Google.

If you talk about SEO Plugin, then at present Yoast SEO Plugin is a little behind as the main features of Yoast are in Yoast Premium.

Rank Math SEO Plugin has just unlocked all its features, so you can also use it.

✅ Updraft Plus

With the help of Updraft Plus you can make a backup of your WordPress blog. If you are writing an article and your website goes down at that time, then your data may be lost.

But with the help of this plugin, the data will be safe and you can recover it back.

✅ Anti-Spam

With the help of this plugin you can protect your website from spamming. Spam Comment removes this plugin automatically.

Anti-Spam Plugin is going to prove very good for your site because you don’t know how many Attacks are happening on your site daily.

But Anti-Spam prevents every attack on your site.

✅ Contact Form 7

With its help, you can easily create many different forms like Contact Forms, Feedback Forms, Membership Forms, Payment Forms.

If your site is a business site or a service site, then Contact Form 7 Plugin is a best plugin for you, with which you can create custom forms.

✅ WP-Optimize

This is a very useful plugin that compresses the images present in our website, along with cleaning the database and doing many other useful things.

Like all Pro Logs who have more knowledge about the site, they analyze their site on GTMatrix so that they can find the Unnecessary File in their Site which they can easily remove.

And for those who cannot do all this, WP Optimizer is the BEst plugin, with the help of it all the file gets automatically corrected.

Insert Headers and Footers

After using this plugin you will not need to edit the theme. Can only enter code. Such as Google Analytics, custom CSS, Facebook Pixel.

You can also consider this plugin as the BackBone Plugin of your site because with the help of this plugin you can insert a direct code into your site.

If you do not install this plugin, then you will have to edit your theme, in which there is a risk of site break.

✅ AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

This Plugin makes the blog page fast as well as opens the blog in different ways on computer and mobile.

Now-a-days, Google also updates about the same thing that you must do AMP in your site so that your site gets ranked as soon as the server of the AMP Plugin serves your site and then the visitors They are shown from your Site AMP Server, which is much faster.

✅ Classic Editor

When you install WordPress, you get Install with Gutenberg Editor or Block Editor, but let me tell you that if you are new then Classic Editor is best for you because it is very simple to use.

For this, after clicking on the Add New Plugin, you have to click on the Classic Editor and install it.

Smush Pro

This Plugin is very useful for your SIte because the size of the image plays an important role in the loading speed of your site because when you insert the image in your post after compressing.

It then its size and when you When you activate Smush Pro, then the size of this image becomes even more compressed and this entire process is done automatically.

✅ Other important settings to do

Here below, you have been given three steps, which is very important for your site, then you should follow these steps.

1⃣ Permalinks: Here we are talking about Permalink which we also call URL, but Permalink means the format of your URL which also plays a very important role for SEO, then you must do it. To make your permalinks SEO optimized, tap to Settings >> Permalinks and select Post Name option.

2⃣ Timezone: It is very important to set the timezone properly according to your region because post indexing is according to your TimeZone, so you should do it. Go to Settings>> General >> Timezone and Select Kolkata or UTC+5:30.

3⃣ Pingbacks & Trackbacks: You have to do this setting because if you do not do it, then you will get Pingback from all the links you have inserted in your post. Settings >> Pingbacks& Trackbacks.

✅ Start writing must have pages

If you have followed all the steps above, then before you post, create some important pages.

📝 About: Your visitors like to see this page more, because through this page they recognize you and become Liable with your site, then you create this page first. For example you see this. See Example

📝 Contact: This page is also very important for your site and at the same time this page is also very important for your visitors because through this page your visitors will be able to reach you and contact you. See Example

📝 Privacy Poilcy: This page plays an important role on your site because this is what visitors know about the privacy policy on your site so that visitors can trust you. See Example

8. Install Google Analytics in WordPress Blog

You need to know all the information about how much traffic is coming on your blog, from which country, at what time.

Google Analytics gives you all this information. So do install Google Analytics on your website.

1⃣ First of all search Google Analytics in your browser.

Google Analytics Search on Google

2⃣Create an account in Google Analytics. If you already have a Gmail account, you can login with that account as well.

3⃣ Enter your Gmail Id and Password

4⃣ Click on Start Measuring

Click On Start Measuring

5⃣ Enter the name with which to create the account.

6⃣ Now you have to tell whether you are using this Google Analytics for website or Mobile App.

7⃣ After that you click on Next Button

8⃣ Now you have to enter the website name, website URL country name and Time Zone.

9⃣ After entering all the information, click on the Next button. Now you will have the term and condition part of Google Analytics. Have to tick it.

🔟 Now you have to click on I Accept.

✅ Now you will see a code on Google Analytics. Copy it.

✅ Now paste this code in the Header Column through the Insert Headers and Footers Plugin.

9. Submit Your Blog Webmaster Tools

If you have completed all the steps given above, then now you need to Verify your Site in Google Webmater, then follow these steps.

🅰 Search the Google search console, and click it to open it.

🇧 Now you have to signin here

🇨 Now you have to enter your URL and click on Continue

🇩 Now you have to Verify Ownership or if you want to Verify Site, then there will be many options for this. You have to click on HTML Tag.

🇪 Now you have to copy the given code and open the Insert Header and Footer Plugin, now you have to paste this code in the Header.

🇫 Now you have to click on Verify Option in Search Console and your Site will be Verified

🇬 Now the Dashboard of Search Console will be opened in front of you.

🇭 Now you have to click on the Option with Sitemap given in the Left Side.


🇮 Now you have to enter the Sitemap URL of your site. If you have Yoast SEO Plugin Install in your site, then you will have a Sitemap URL [].

🇮 Now after doing so, you have to click on submit and after some time your site index will be done.

As soon as the sitemap is submitted, Google will crawl the sitemap of the website, and will start indexing all the existing links.

10. Write and Publish your First Blog Content.

You have almost completed all the steps to create a blog. Now it is time to write the first post on your blog.

So let’s know how to write the first blog on WordPress.

✅ To write a post, go to the Dashboard, here the option of Post will appear, from which click on Add New and start writing your post here.

✅ The box of the title above is given separately, Enter a title of your post here.

✅ On the box below, you put all the content associated with that title. The box we call Body

✅ The content of the blog should be such that it can be useful to the people.

✅ Content should always be unique. Should be readable so that the reader does not face much trouble

✅ Never copy-paste and add content. Because if you do this then you can also get Panalty from Google

11. Blog Promotion.

After writing a contact, what is most important is the promotion of your blog so that you can reach your blog to as many readers as possible. There are many ways you can do this, such as

1⃣ Share the blog with your friends and also tell them to share that article with their friends and acquaintances.

2⃣ If you have a long email list, then you can also promote your blog through email to people. Which we also call Email marketing

3⃣ The best place to promote a blog is social media, nowadays there are many platforms available where you can share blogs. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

4⃣ Quora is a very good platform through which you can not only promote your blog but also create a backlink.

5⃣ The best and unique way, if you do SEO properly, then you can get Millions of Traffic from Google Search on your site, which we also call Organic Traffic.

12. Blog Monetization

Everything is done, now finally my question comes to you, how do we make money from our blog?

So there are many ways to make money from friends blog, some of which are telling you in the main.

✔ Google Adsense

This is Google’s own Ad Network which is being used by Mostly Websites because this Ad Network is the best compare to other Ad Network.

✔️ Affiliate marketing

If you do not know about Affiliate marketing, then let me tell you that there is a huge difference between wishing money from any Ad Network and wishing money from Affiliate Marketing is the best Affiliate Marketing which you can start in a few minutes.

✔️ Advertisements

If your site is too old or there is too much traffic coming on it, then you will start getting direct sponsorship because the commission that the Mediator gets in Direct Sponsor will not be available now, then you can earn money by placing an Ad on your site.

✔️ Sell eBooks

If your site is on a Perticular Neech, then you have a lot of benefits like your Site Study material, then you can create and sell your own Ebook, you will get the full benefit.

Congratulation! You Have Created Your First Blog.

Now your blogging life has started………..

At last

Here I have given you complete information about How to Start a blog in 2020, other than that, if anything is remaining, then you can comment us openly, we will definitely solve your question.

And if you want to contact us, then you can feel free to mail us, we will surely reply to you.

 Mail :

How to Start a Blog in india 2020

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